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How to Stay Motivated When You’re Stuck at Home

It’s not always easy to stick to weight loss goals and follow healthy habits in times of stress. If you’re finding yourself feeling stressed by the coronavirus pandemic, there are some strategies you can use to remain on track with your goals. You can also count on...

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Understanding Weight Management and Healthy Living in the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens, more people are concerned with how to avoid getting sick and stay well. Frequent handwashing, social distancing, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces are all good steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, you may...
Weight loss tools: scale, plate of fruit, and workout gear
Kickstart weightloss with appetite suppresant
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Acccelerate weightloss with medical grade hcg
Healthy man and woman standing on beach
Anti-aging & weightloss w/ bioidentical hormones
Medical weight loss doctor at table with fruit and clipboard
Lose stubborn belly fat w/ intermittent fasting
Man and woman jumping in field after weight loss
Promote fat loss with fat burner & energy injections
Woman's face after treatment with Botox and dermal fillers
Look your best with Botox and fillers


Vail Medical Center & Weight Loss
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Zhdog Shoop
Zhdog Shoop
14:44 21 Jan 20
A really nice medical clinic for weight loss. I signed up for their appetite suppressant with fat burner/B12 injections... and healthy carb diet plan. The doctor and the health coach work with my cravings and emotional eating habits. I have lost 25 lbs and gained muscle. I will also be starting the testosterone therapy for more energy and better lifestyle. They also offer botox/facial fillers which I plan on doing once I lose 20 more pounds.read more
Joey Schwartz
Joey Schwartz
19:11 10 Jan 20
I am so impressed with the Doctor and staff at Vail Medical Center and Weightloss. They helped me learn so much about... bio-identical hormone therapy and weight loss. I was overwhelmed at first with the technical terms, but they made it very easy to understand. They explained how each program they design is personalized for each individual’s body. I loved what they had to say regarding lifestyle and how to live the best life you can.read more
Joey Schwartz
Joey Schwartz
19:02 10 Jan 20
The team at Vail Medical Center and Weightloss are so friendly and knowledgeable. They really care about their patients... and offer personalized care designed for each individual. Especially when it comes to weightloss. Each person is different and they really learn about your body and your lifestyle before they give the best weight loss options for you. I highly recommend visiting them if you want help with weight loss, hormone therapy, and overall lifestyle information. Thanks!read more
John Ranan
John Ranan
23:05 07 Jan 20
I have lost 22 lbs on the prescription appetite suppressant and intermittent fasting program. The program is customized... to my health history, activity and my food choices. It is a medical diet and I did have to do meal prep and follow the rules strictly to lose weight. They do my body comp analysis every month so that I can see how much fat I have lost and how much muscle I have gained. I do value the health coaching with my weight loss program cause the health coach along with the doctor's diet has helped me come to terms with my cravings and late night binges. They have helped me lose weight and make some important lifestyle changes. I still have my tough days but with their weight loss plans, I am gonna continue to lose weight and get to my goals.read more
Sarah Lao
Sarah Lao
22:50 07 Jan 20
I got botox and fillers for the first time and I really enjoyed my experience. Dr.Azam takes time to understand what... you want and he likes to give you a natural youthful look. I also joined the medical weight loss program using HCG weight loss and have lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks. The health coach Samreen spends a lot of time discussing your emotional and lifestyle challenges to help you look at the root cause of your binge eating and cravings. Given that weightloss is a committment and I am so happy I found the right team for me. Thank you Vail Medical Center and Weight Loss.read more
shelly patterson
shelly patterson
16:10 06 Nov 19
Very friendly and welcoming and so supportive with weight loss program.
Anna Maldoni
Anna Maldoni
22:45 05 Nov 19
I am losing weight using the intermittent fasting protocol with fat burner injections and appetite suppressant. I have... lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks and most of my weightloss is fat. I love the customization of the program to my lifestyle and health history.The wellness coach and doctor have helped me a great deal with my cravings and bloating issues. I have more energy and am more confident about losing more weight for the long run.read more
Kammi Baye
Kammi Baye
17:56 30 Oct 19
After 28 days, I finally understand my body; how to lose weight and maintain it. I feel 10 years younger, I'm over... 10lbs lighter, and several inches smaller. I'm confident I will meet my goals. Thank you Samrene and staff 🥴read more
Jill Moore
Jill Moore
21:33 14 Oct 19
I am losing weight and focussing on my food triggers and cravings. I have been on many diets before but this place... really cares about you and the health coach and Doctor work with me on balancing my hormones, my stress and looking at my food addictions and customizing a plan for me that helps me with my appetite. Thank you for helping me lose my first 16 lbs. I am gonna go for the next 16 lbs.read more
Christina Varah
Christina Varah
01:25 12 Jul 19
Have lost real fat weight. Not doing any fad diets. Loving the accountability and counseling on finding my own joy in... eating. Highly recommend.read more
Catherine Chargualaf
Catherine Chargualaf
13:58 09 May 17
I gave this Place A Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I came here today 05/08/2017 for my Sister and... Brother-In-Law Doctors Appointment. We so Love This Place. We come here for All their Doctors Appointment because Dr Azam is their Primary Care Doctor . The Whole Staff is Friendly, Caring And Considerate Of Their Patients. Before leaving the Office they tell you to check in with the front desk to set up with a Follow Up Appointment or Other Scheduled Visits with Them. They are Professionals and Excellent Service. Would surely Recommend this Place to Families And Friends. Thank You For Making Our Day Exceptional. read more
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Welcome to Vail Medical Center and Weightloss!

Welcome to Vail Medical Center & Weightloss where your health and wellness is a priority. We have proudly served Vail, Rita Ranch, Tucson, Benson and Sierra Vista community since 2009. Would you like to lose weight and learn how to keep it off? Do you feel tired and fatigued? Do you feel bloated and inflamed? Are you gaining weight? Look no further. Our medically supervised programs can help you lose weight and change your lifestyle to a healthier you. We design customized weight loss programs based on your body composition analysis, health history, and weight loss goals. In addition, we focus on your body type, genetic history, stress management, nutrition and exercise to help you lose weight and optimize your health. Finally, we offer body cleanse and lifestyle change programs as well as accelerated weight loss programs using HCG and appetite suppressants. We have unique medical foods and supplements to promote long-term weight loss with healthy lifestyle changes.

To ensure a positive weight loss experience, we not only utilize physician-supervised weight loss, but we incorporate lifestyle coaching with Samreen Khan. As our wellness coach, Samreen helps patients identify their triggers for overeating and develop a more joyful relationship with food. She also encourages patients to practice self-love and self-care to promote their overall health. Call us today for a new healthy you.



Get Started with a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan

Step 1

Sign up for our Body composition Analysis for only $29.00

Step 2

Choose a program:

  • HCG
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Keto or low carb diet
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy
Step 3

Lose weight and enjoy your transformation!


What People Love about Our Diets
  • Medically Supervised
  • Simple
  • Science based
  • Customized
  • Fits your budget
  • No contracts

What makes us different

Principles for a Healthier You

Check out our top 6 principles in our video.

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Modern Approach

We share and educate our patients on the latest scientific knowledge on burning fat, optimizing hormones, improving metabolism, controlling cravings, and promoting wellness.

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Qualified Doctors and Staff

We have over 15 years of experience and passion in providing wellness, lifestyle change, chronic illness management and weight loss.

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Customized Plans, Incredible Results

We keep our plans authentic, easy to follow, healthy and effective in helping you reach your weight loss, strength and wellness goals.

Your Visit

Your Weight Loss Experience

Your visit will start with a body composition analysis on our specialized weight management scale and we will discuss your water, fat, muscle percentage and determine how many calories you burn a day at rest. We will also discuss how this fat is distributed in various parts of your body. You will complete a specialized intake form regarding your health history, diet, exercise, cravings, challenges, goals and life style. Our health and lifestyle coach will help you not only lose weight but really dig deep down into the root cause of your weight gain and work with you to change lifestyle behavior for life-long healthy weight maintenance. All of our weight-loss programs are supervised by our Expert Integrative and Functional Medical Physician. Our goal is to provide customized weight-loss and lifestyle change programs based on the individual needs of the person.

Your Hormone and Age Management Experience

Many people need more help than just losing weight as they may be suffering from symptoms of hormonal changes due to aging process, stress, exposure to environmental toxins, pesticides, steroids, herbicides, preservatives, heavy metals and GMOs. If you have one or more of the following symptoms, you may have risk of hormonal imbalance in your body: unexplained weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, irregular period, mental fogginess, memory issues, exhaustion, low libido, hair loss, insomnia, anxiety and much more. Your visit will begin with a detailed consult with our Expert physician who specializes in age management and bio-identical therapy. You will then be asked to do important bloodwork checking your hormone levels and based on your results and assessment, the doctor will design a personalized hormone optimization plan.


Botox and Injectables

We take care of your inner wellness AND outer wellness.

Juvederm – Voluma, Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure, Volbella

For non-surgical facelift, cheek volume, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, vertical lip lines, and visible signs of aging on the face.

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Brunette woman looking at her outstretched hand

Botox and Injectables

We take care of your inner wellness AND outer wellness.

Juvederm – Voluma, Ultra, Ultra Plus, Vollure, Volbella

For non-surgical facelift, cheek volume, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, vertical lip lines, and visible signs of aging on the face.

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